Squeegee Clean
Inventor: Blake Krikorian
Availability: Now, $400
To Learn More: irobot.com
Scooba, iRobot's follow-up to Roomba, the robotic vacuum, steals a few tricks from its predecessor to tackle a different chore: mopping tile, linoleum or sealed hardwood floors. With each pass, Scooba completes four tasks: it sweeps loose debris, sprays a special Clorox cleaning solution onto the floor, scrubs the surface with a brush and then uses a "squeegee-vac" to suck up the dirty water. Like Roomba, Scooba works around obstacles and has "cliff" sensors that prevent it from falling down stairs. Different sensors keep Scooba off your high-pile carpet.

在這期的Time mag. 的主題 The most amazing inventions of 2005 中的 Best Inventions 2005: Home Runs

我發現 iRobot 方面已發展出新一代的吸塵器 Scooba,若是將來在台灣上市,不知會對 i 造成何種衝擊。

我將這訊息丟給凱健,他並不擔心,只是說其實上市後是否有市場性還是個問題,這點我倒蠻同意的,雖然 Scooba 可以噴洗潔液還自動會吸乾,但只怕消費者的接受度不高,再加上韓國方面也早已知道這個消息,應就無大礙了。


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